Warwick residents will spot Council officers hard at work pruning the city’s trees during the month of August in preparation for the warmer months as the Council’s Parks and Gardens team prepare Southern Downs ready to bloom this spring.

Council teams will undertake pruning on Warwick’s Crepe Myrtles and will also select prune remaining species where required. These preparations will begin on Monday 30 July and occur across two stages for a period of six to eight weeks, weather permitting.

The Southern Downs Regional Council Parks and Gardens Team Leader David Webster said it is vital the pruning work is carried out to prolong the life of local trees. “Many trees have excess deadwood, large splits, crossing limbs, mistletoe and suckers,” David said. “Staff will work to reduce the size of the trees and the trees will have a similar finished height with most where possible.”

Parks and Gardens Officers will be using chainsaws and a chipper so residents should expect some level of noise while works are being completed. Heavily pruning trees in winter  encourages the development of long, arching branches of flowers. These works are a part of Council’s ongoing commitment to the continual beautification of parks, gardens and open spaces across the region.

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