Sugar Free Home Preserving by Valerie Pearson is a simple, step-by-step guide to making delicious jams, conserves, fruit butters and curds, with no added sugar.

Valerie Pearson has more than 25 years experience in teaching the art of preserving and pickling to budding cooks across the country. When Valerie’s daughter was born with a chemical sensitivity, she armed herself with the knowledge and tools to take back control of her family’s diet, becoming a conscious home-cook, delving into the science behind cultured foods and other preserving techniques. Sugar Free Home Preserving features simple sugar-free and low sugar recipes as well as tips for hygiene, sustainable storage and all the equipment needed for home preserving.

Sugar Free Home Preserving is centred on the idea of reducing the amount of sugar in our diets. Food science research reveals that the increase of high sugar foods in our diets are significantly damaging our health, and therefore need to be reduced. When you make your own preserves you control the ingredients – ensuring you are eating pure and wholefoods, without any additional sugar, additives and preservatives.

Low or no sugar does not have to mean boring and bland. Valerie equips you with the tools to create deliciously healthy conserves. From the classic, Very Berry Jam, to the unusual yet extremely tasty, Pear, Ginger and Walnut Conserve, home preserving is about taking the time to slow down and enjoy the process of creating and making. There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying the delicious results of your own labour – additive, preservative and sugar free. Home preserving uses fresh and flavourful produce to create jams, conserves and curds without preservatives, artificial flavours and colourings and no added sugar.

Valerie Pearson arrived in back Australia after a successful 25 year career in Pennsylvania. When two of her children were diagnosed with intolerances to common foods, Valerie decided to turn her passion for food into a business, starting Green Living Australia. She spends her time travelling around the country teaching people the joys of making their own cheese, pickles and preserves, additive and preservative free. She currently lives in Stanthorpe, and this is her second book.

Sugar Free Home Preserving by Valerie Pearson, RRP $39.95
Words by Ashley Hanger

Images via Green Living Australia