During the summer of 2010-2011, the state of Queensland was ravaged by some of the most devastating flooding Australia has ever experienced.  After years of crippling drought, flooding rains would isolate towns and tear communities apart.

Jamie Simmonds, former director of the Strengthening Grantham Project, has written his memoir, Rising from the Flood: Moving the Town of Grantham, detailing his time leading the relocation of Grantham to higher ground following the deadly 2011 floods.  While highlighting the relocation effort, the story is also Simmonds’ ode to his late colleague Steve Jones, the former mayor of the Lockyer Valley. Jamie spent most of his early career working in local and state government.

On the 10th of January, a deluge hit already saturated ground across South-East Queensland, with the epicentre being the Lockyer Valley region and the small town of Grantham. Rising from the Flood: Moving the Town of Grantham begins with the story of Grantham residents who experienced the flood event, and the people who risked their lives to help in the aftermath. Scenes of utter devastation emerged, but also tales of heroism, survival and community spirit.  From resilience in the face of disaster the Grantham community, led by Mayor Steve Jones, would embark on a most ambitious project to move to higher ground.

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