Book longs for adventure but is too scared to leave the library. Then Book meets Emma and learns how to be brave! Scaredy Book, the latest picture book from EK Books, contains the perfect message for kids afraid of leaving their comfort zone and hand-wringing helicopter parents too!

Scaredy Book author Devon Sillett, is a former radio producer who is now doing her PhD in Australian Children’s literature. Devon is passionate about the capacity for books to inspire the imagination and sees libraries as exciting voyages into the unknown. In fact, she loves libraries so much she was married in one! In her latest picture book Devon asks the question: What if a book was too scared to leave the library? Book lives at the library and desperately wants to go outside, but is intimidated by all the things that might happen ‘out there.’ A page might get torn, Book’s cover might get dirty and Book may never be returned to the library! Meanwhile, Emma loves visiting the library and delights in the many adventures to be had in the stories she finds there. When Emma meets Book, they find they are exactly what the other needs.

Together, Book and Emma move out of their comfort zone to try new things, meet new people and enjoy a few quiet adventures like climbing trees, laughing in the rain and even cheering along at a soccer match. Along the way, they discover that ‘out there’ needn’t be scary if you just take it one step at a time. Children and parents alike will enjoy this story about being brave, taking risks and living to tell the tale!

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