Lonely Planet Kids has released a new book entitled World’s Cutest Animals. This children’s book focuses on a variety of animals extended beyond the typical puppies and kittens. With 208 pages of 100 of the planet’s cutest creatures, children will be delighted with the adorable faces after each page turn. From inquisitive quokkas playing hide and seek, to the buttered popcorn smelling binturongs, it will be hard to pick a favourite.

This book enables you to get up close and personal with big, vivid photos on each page accompanied with quirky fun facts. Plus learn how you can get involved to protect some of these endangered animals.

Lonely Planet Kids published its first book in 2011. Building on parent brand Lonely Planet’s 45 years of experience inspiring people to explore the world, Lonely Planet Kids ignites children’s curiosity with engaging, educational books on culture, sociology, geography, nature, history, space and more. Whether at home, on the road or in school, Lonely Planet Kids encourages the next generation of global citizens to make every day an adventure. Readers also enjoyed this story about Lonely Planets other titles.

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