Jessica Ritchie was a winner at the year’s Ausmumpreneur Awards and a finalist for The Rising Star category of The Women in Business Awards of Australia.

Ritchie is a brand and connection expert, marketing professional, and a reiki and neuro-linguistic programming practitioner. The multi talented mum has more than 13 years experience working with leading Australian companies such as Golden Circle, Tony Ferguson, Supercheap Auto, BCF, Rays Outdoors, and many small businesses. “In a fast paced and noisy world, where a lot of businesses are competing with the same products or services, it’s imperative to know yourself, and to stand out. Most businesses don’t have a story, so their true essence and the value that they can bring to their clients is lost,” said Ritchie.

Having been through significant life experiences herself, Ritchie understands first hand the challenges that business owners face in trying to remain relevant, while also staying true to their identity and values. To help her clients work through personal and business blockages, Ritchie designed three programs for corporates and small business that led to her winning Bronze Business Coach of the Year at the St George Ausmumpreneur 2019 awards in Melbourne. She is proud to have been recognised at a national level for her work as a brand connection expert. “My obsession with branding businesses is what led me to work with people on a personal branding level. I was finding that more and more often, it wasn’t just business ‘issues’ that were holding people back from success, it was personal blockages or issues.” Ritchie’s programs help her clients rebrand their businesses, discover their “new you” and show how to create an impact with their businesses
and brand. Her programs, Build Your Brand, Be More Be You, and Make Your Mark, offer one-on-one customised consultations, corporate workshops, training days and speaking mentorships.

The programs are intertwined with reiki and neurolinguistic programming techniques that help relax her clients, remove limiting beliefs, and change thought and behaviour patterns to aid with achieving goals. “To be able to gain trust from my clients is humbling, and it allows me to assist them in removing fears, and discovering their unique talents and abilities to be able to achieve their dreams,” Ritchie said. “I enjoy working on my clients’ energies to help create an immediate and lasting impact, to strengthen and deepen the connection to themselves, as well as equipping them with the skills and strategies to confidently do so on their own.” Ritchie has also created a support network for women — a place “where Wonder Woman removes her cape”. The Wondrous Women Group hosts a number of events to create a space where women can unwind and share their struggles and successes in a safe and confidential environment. “[It’s a place where you can] gain clarity in understanding who it is you are and who you want to be, connect with yourself and other amazing women and the confidence to step up, take action and be who you truly are,” said Ritchie.

She is launching her first book, Make Your Mark, in early 2020 following the success of her coaching program. She has also been invited to international speaking opportunities and global conferences to share her success.

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