If we are what we eat, would your child be as healthy as a carrot, or processed like a piece of store bought cake? The food that we eat defines to an extent our health, growth and development, with fruit and vegetables playing a major role in this equation.

Gardening enthusiast and founder of the Lockyer Valley & Toowoomba Junior Landcare, Greg Grimes is bringing back traditional gardening and cooking methods within primary schools around Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley. The school-based program encourages children to become more involved and aware of where their food comes from, and how it gets from paddock to plate.

“The program educates children from prep to Year 7 about how to live a healthy lifestyle” explained Greg. “Studies have shown that the benefits of school gardening programs also flow into the classroom, and include increased creativity and concentration levels”.

Close to 40 schools in the local region are involved in the Lockyer Valley Junior Landcare program and recognise the improvement in students, both in and out of the classroom. If your school is interested in becoming involved, contact Greg Grimes on (07) 4637 4642 or Pohlmans Nursery on (07) 5462 0477.