St Margaret’s 2019 school co-captain boarder Isabella Corby-Bakkelund says her leadership journey has taught her about the power of relationships.

One of the most effective student leaders I knew was such a great leader because of her ability to acknowledge every girl she passed. Following her leadership example has taught me that building a relationship with those I wished to serve was more beneficial than anything else I did,” Isabella said.

“Taking the time to positively connect with as many people as possible has become a daily goal, not just to understand my community more, but to inspire them to do the same.”

Isabella has discovered the power of teamwork, citing participation in this year’s school musical as one of her proudest moments. “I played in the orchestra, with months of rehearsals culminating in three sold-out, highly professional shows — an experience I will always treasure. Student led events have also been very special. Working on a project that extends beyond my own personal goals feels like more of an achievement, and I hope opportunities to work with people continue to challenge me in really productive and meaningful ways.”

Isabella is the 2019 Band Captain and has been awarded an Academic Full Pocket for the past four years. She says she would like her leadership legacy to be the way she treated her friends and peers. “If I can smile at one girl in the hallway, and she, in turn, smiles at someone else, and so on, I think I’d be very happy.”