Owned and run by the Don family, Kloud9ine was a finalist in the Best New Business category of the 2015 Toowoomba Chamber of Commerce Business Awards.

Located in the Bernoth Centre, Ruthven Street, the park is filled with different trampolines and various other bouncing contraptions. Games and activities like the large blue ‘Breezbag’, the one-on-one ‘Kageball’ ring and the dodgeball court make this one of the most popular and exciting recreation spaces in the city.

The idea for Kloud9ine was inspired by a holiday in Canada when the Don family came across an indoor trampoline park. Then and there it was decided that Toowoomba could do with entertainment of that calibre and the family went to work on the concept. Ryan Don put his creative talents to use and designed a park to cater for the fun of young and old. The result is a venue filled with more than 70 interconnecting trampolines, where customers can enjoy an hour of bouncing amongst colourful lighting effects and great music. “Our aim is to entertain kids of all sizes,” Ryan Don says. “You may join in the activities, games, trampoline tricks, or just free jump with your buddies; we have it all covered for all skill levels.”


The Don family has gone above and beyond with their business, employing staff who are professionally trained gymnasts, dancers, cheerleaders and athletes with years of experience in trampolining. “Their skills and knowledge are a huge benefit to our patrons,” Ryan says. “The Krew [sic] are more than happy to educate our patrons in the art and skill of trampolining and jumping safely. Each Krew member holds a blue card and is trained with a first aid certificate.”

Although the jumping experience is the main game for the business, Kloud9ine has branched out into fitness classes, children’s parties, toddlers’ sessions, themed events and school sporting activities. Kloud9ine also caters for adults with team building events and corporate functions. “On October 31 we decked out the park in spooky Halloween decoration and had staff don their creepiest costumes. We’ve also hosted superhero days, Easter events, a Valentine’s Day party and on the release of the new Star Wars movie, we will be dressing up as characters from the Spielberg smash hit,” he says.


Trampolines have been increasing in popularity amongst exercise enthusiasts for the fun, low impact nature of the exercise. Kloud9ine is quick to spruke the cardiovascular, health and fitness benefits of the sport, saying that jumping on a bouncy surface can make you feel energised, will elevate the heart rate and fatigue the large muscles in your lower body. As well as being great fun and great exercise, trampolining has added health benefits, including improving balance, enhancing coordination, assisting lymphatic drainage and weight loss. If that isn’t enough to get you and your kids bouncing over to Kloud9ine, then go to support one of the region’s recently awarded businesses.

Words by Alice Thompson | Images via Kloud9ine.