The 2017 Toowoomba Camellia Show and Garden Expo was officially launched at The Windmills on Friday, 16 June.

Accompanied by Toowoomba Regional Councilors Geoff McDonald and Megan O’Hara Sullivan, as well as event organizer Greg Johnson and Toowoomba Hospice chair Graham Barron, cut a colourful camellia garland.

This triggered the start of a series of events leading up the two-day extravaganza held on July 15 and 16.

The Camellia Show and Garden Expo president Kevin Cotterell told the dignitaries attending the launch that he was “over the moon with the way in which the event has grown in reputation across the nation.”

“Toowoomba is internationally renowned as ‘The Garden City’ and our event has grown in statue as a result of that reputation,” he said.

“We are at a point where, for the first time, we will have coaches coming from near and far bringing garden lovers to enjoy all that a beautiful Toowoomba weekend has to offer.”

Barron told the gathering at the launch that he was very excited about this year’s display.

“Everyone is a winner,” he said. “Gardeners from near and far, tourism, Toowoomba’s economy and particularly The Hospice, which is the beneficiary of two marvelous days.”

Demonstrating the increasing popularity of the event is the fact that, as Johnson said, the number of displays will be up from 36 to 50.

As well as having an exceptional display of camellias, the event boasts an expansive Garden Expo with a range of plants and products, which will delight those attending the Camellia Show.

In addition, speakers such as ABC Gardening Australia’s Jerry Coleby-Williams, Gardening for the Good Life’s Claire Bickle and Highlife’s Brian Sams have been booked to discuss experiences to attendees.

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Banner Image: Members of the Historical Motor Cycle Club of Queensland Toowomba Area, and fellow councillors