The continuing journey

Published on June 14, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Chrissie, the Bold Leader of the 9 Ante Portas group of women artists had …

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My Writing Journey (continued)

Published on June 5, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

In 2008 I invested in sessions with a life coach. She helped me to shape my …

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My writing journey

Published on May 22, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

MY WRITING journey? What a ride it has been! What an adventure. And what a soup …

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Readings 20/05/13

Published on May 21, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Hi Julianna, I am hoping you’ll be able to tell me what’s happening …

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Million Paws Walk

Published on May 20, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

20/05/13 RSPCA Queensland’s most popular outdoor event, The Million Paws Walk, …

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Monumental Memoir

Published on May 17, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Since time began, people have loved a good story. Perhaps it was this innate …

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Outback Author

Published on May 16, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Author Nicole Alexander is a fourth generation grazier who now marries her roles …

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Centred Child

Published on May 15, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Warwick psychologists Jan Dugan and Jan Gudkovs have launched a book, ‘The …

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The Men Who Try And Try

Published on May 14, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Continuing along the theme of my recently-published book In Stockmen’s …

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Kent Saddlery

Published on May 8, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

The Kents have earned a reputation for excellent quality, both in their …

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Black Sabbath

Published on May 7, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

A fan of heavy metal? Me neither. In fact I hate it so much I usually want to …

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Art Innovation

Published on May 5, 2013 | in Arts/Culture

Boutique artist run galleries have been popping up all over Toowoomba over the …

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