Wine Time

Published on August 26, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

“No one was born an expert on anything, we can all learn” is the motto that …

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Falling in Love with Vietnamese Cuisine

Published on August 16, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

About a week and a half into our three week adventure in Vietnam, we travelled …

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Wine and Chocolate is Good for You!

Published on August 15, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Health conscious guests were looking after their hearts as they tucked into a …

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Birthday Extravaganza

Published on August 1, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

I was shocked to find out that there is a cupcake store in Toowoomba – Crave …

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Edible Works of Art

Published on July 25, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

I was mesmerised by these exquisite works of art and I was dazzled by their …

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A Sweet Meeting with Frances McNaughton

Published on July 18, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Highlife Downs Living Magazine caught up with one of the world’s leading …

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Weis Restaurant – We’re loving the new look

Published on July 5, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

The hard working crew at Toowoomba’s legendary Weis Restaurant have been busy …

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A salute to all the wonderful corner stores out there!

Published on July 1, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

You’re the ones who help us avert those those early morning crises when …

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Lamington Love

Published on June 14, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Ahhh how we love our lamingtons in Toowoomba!

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It’s chilly in Toowoomba

Published on May 16, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

There’s no doubt about it, it’s chilly in Toowoomba!

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Perfect Match

Published on May 7, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Hosting gourmet dinner parties with homecooked fine food is certainly the rage …

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Lamington Lore

Published on May 6, 2013 | in Eat/Drink

Dip me in chocolate and roll me in coconut ... a new book by respected historian …

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