Australian cave divers Dr Richard Harris and Dr Craig Challen became international heroes in July 2018 when they, along with a team of specialists, successfully rescued 12 junior soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

This March, the Darling Downs will have the opportunity to listen to their story live at the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation’s Tilly’s Legends at their Game Luncheon at Rumours International. Awarded Australian of the Year in 2019 for their instrumental roles in the rescue mission, the Toowoomba Hospital Foundation is excited to bring these true Australian legends to Toowoomba for the first time on Friday 12 March.

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said the whole of Australia has embraced Dr Harris and Dr Challen as heroes, whose efforts have cemented them as legends. “Listening and watching the story unfold when it first broke was nail-biting stuff, the bravery and courage of not only the rescue team but also the boys who were trapped in that cave is truly admirable,” she said. “What Dr Harris and Dr Challen achieved under such circumstances is absolutely awe-inspiring and the Foundation is excited to welcome them to Toowoomba to share their story with our community.”

Mrs Kennedy said the Tilly’s Legends at their Game Luncheon is a great opportunity to gather your mates together in support of raising funds for vital mental health services. “We’re hoping to raise as much as we can so that we can support Darling Downs Health in bringing much-needed mental health services to our rural communities,” she said.

“The past year has been incredibly tough, and we hope our Legends at their Game Luncheon will not only give friends, families and work colleagues the opportunity to have a great day out but also give them the opportunity and bring awareness to the importance of checking in on your mates.”

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