New restaurant Charred has launched in Toowoomba, opening on Margaret Street earlier this year.

Open morning, noon and night, the establishment has two sections, the café, which is warm, light and inviting, and the restaurant, which is more subdued and subtle, with a more formal feeling. In the kitchen, they are dedicated to using seasonal and locally sourced produce to create a dining experience for family and friends to enjoy together.

The process of starting Charred itself was the result of a family passion for shared venture and the desire to deliver great food, Co-Owner Susanne said she hoped this café would “help define modern Australian cuisine”. The café menu is brief but diverse. While the dinner menu provides a range of “robust proteins, good vegetables and salad choices”. All of which are served in share-portions. “Guests receive large plates and bowls to the table and help themselves” she explained. “This keeps things flexible…everyone can try a bit of everything”.

The family behind Charred are experienced in the hospitality industry, with years of experience as head chef, front-of-house manager and hospitality all-rounder under their collective belt. Which is partially why they chose the Toowoomba location. After son and head-chef spent years in Adelaide restaurants, he was captured by the beauty of the town and saw potential in its laid-back nature.

And so they decided to bring the heart and soul of their family into the kitchen, dining room, and every meal that is served. And delight others with their quality ingredients, and house-cooked food, prepared from scratch. Even the jams that they use for their scones are made lovingly by the Wood family.

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