With a title deriving from the Italian term for baby, Cheeky Bambino has made a name for itself in Toowoomba’s Ruthven Street, as a children’s clothing and concept store unafraid of mischief.

For founder Stephanie Kedwell, the creation of her store occurred organically.

“I just sat down and wrote out all the things that were important to me as a customer and what I wanted my brand to evoke.

“It was really important to me to build a framework that worked with and supported other small businesses, especially those that take the time to create and manufacture ethically and sustainably,” she said.

Stephanie’s motivation to specialise in children’s clothing came from wanting to spoil her niece and nephews.

“When I returned to Australia from London I struggled to find a place that had really unique and beautiful pieces for my young niece and nephews, somewhere which offered an alternative to mass produced, cookie cutter items.

“This inspired my dream of building my own concept store with handpicked brands that are committed to creating and crafting beautiful pieces.”

“I buy in small quantities and only purchase things that I absolutely love, so every item is a handpicked treasure,” she said

Stephanie has a strong background in retail, having worked in England’s famous Notting Hill fashion and interiors precinct before opening Cheeky Bambino at Brisbane’s Emporium, as well as launching the store online.

Her family also has a long history in hospitality and retail businesses.

Stephanie moved to Toowoomba in September 2017, having always driven through the city on road trips out to western Queensland and thought “I could live here!”

It was not until Stephanie and her fiancé were looking to buy a home in Brisbane that they realised they needed much more space to sustain the lifestyle they wanted.

“We absolutely love it here,” she said of Toowoomba.

Passionate about supporting small Australian businesses, Cheeky Bambino stocks Australian labels Milk & Masuki, Kip + Co, Bella & Lace and Love Mae.

As for running a small business for herself, Stephanie comments,  “I love that quote ‘entrepreneurs are the only people who will work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week’ because it’s just so true!

“I am very lucky that I have an incredible support system with my family and am surrounded by some very inspiring, like-minded friends.

“I’m also very blessed to have my fiancé, Gav, with me every step of the way.”

The new store also stocks a mix of international labels including Rylee & Cru from California, Fabelab textiles from Copenhagen and gift range English Trousseau from the UK.

Cheeky Bambino has been thriving in Toowoomba so far.

“My aim is to make this pop-up store a permanent fixture.

“I can already see the town continuing to grow and attracting more and more people from the major cities; it’s such an exciting time to be part of Toowoomba’s evolution.”

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