Year 6 Glennie girl Rheanca Lincoln is an outstanding talent with a chess board and has amassed an impressive collection of medallions and trophies over the past four years.

Most recently, Rheanca was awarded the Outstanding Female Achievement Award and placed fifth overall at the Primary School Invitational Chess Championship in a field of 93 competitors. “My interest in Chess was sparked by my older sister Selinca. I’ve enjoyed learning more about the game from Mr Carter and Mr Lord at Glennie.

With their help, my concentration has improved, and I’ve learned how to look at the whole board. Knowing how each piece moves and applying game tactics like sacrificing pieces to gain position in the game is exciting,” said Rheanca.

Appointed as School Official in her final year of Junior Years, Rheanca volunteers in the Library and Tuckshop, assists with the organisation of fortnightly assemblies and takes families for tours on school open days. Rheanca enjoys playing the violin for the Glennie Junior Years orchestra, chamber strings and string ensemble.

In the classroom, she enjoys the practical applications of Maths and Science and is now looking forward to representing her school in Optiminds.

Basketball, netball, classical dance and tennis are among her other favourite activities. In August, Rheanca and her friend Tyler will represent the Darling Downs team with six other students in the age group 10 to 12 years. Rheanca’s pleasant demeanour ensures good friends always surround her. She continues to work hard in all that she does.