Following a number of large-scale tenders awarded to Chinchilla locals, the Chinchilla Botanic Parklands project has welcomed another local business on board. Chinchilla company Goodland Field Services has begun civil works on the Parklands site this week, after being awarded the tender for more than $300,000. Goodland will also perform additional unit rate work on site.

General Manager at Goodland Field Services Piet Rycks said that he and his crew were excited to be working on the Chinchilla Botanic Parklands project. “We applied to work on the Parklands project as we could see the benefit in not only creating something for the community, but also as an opportunity to showcase our capabilities as a local business,” he said. “We’re involved in preparing the site, protecting the remnant vegetation, shaping the water course and constructing the platform for the landscapers to create their work off. We are also responsible for the installation of pipeline to feed water into the site. The Chinchilla Botanic Parklands will give the community another nice focal point to the town, as well as a place for families and tourists.”

Spokesperson for Parks, Open Spaces and Cemeteries Councillor Carolyn Tillman said that she was pleased at the amount of work awarded to local businesses. “We’re thrilled at the level of work that the Parklands has been able to generate in the region, and this project is such a great opportunity for our local business,” she said. “The contract with Goodland brings our local business spend to over $1.67 million, with the last of our tenders yet to be awarded. It’s a great result for Chinchilla and our entire regional economy.”

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