- Cirrus SR22 Australis Premium aircraft - Highlife Magazine

The latest model of the Cirrus SR22 Australis Premium aircraft will be on exhibition at the Darling Downs Aero Club on June 11. With free admission, the display, which is part of an Australian tour, will be taking place from 10am to 2pm.

“There are a number of changes in the 2016 version that will further enhance the flying experience,” says Cirrus Aircraft Sunshine Coast instructor Andy Hartell, who is sales manager for Queensland, northern New South Wales and the Northern Territory. “These will give an added feeling of luxury and convenience for pilots and their passengers when they are in the Cirrus.”

The new features include a Bluetooth system, which provides a connection via a mobile phone or tablet to the avionics panel. This gives the ability to wirelessly handle telephone calls or listen to music as well as displaying information about the aircraft’s speed, position and altitude. In addition, flight plans can also be updated using a phone or tablet. Other innovations include redesigned door hatches, remote keyless entry and a convenience lighting system powered by a key fob plus three paint scheme upgrades.

“The Cirrus 2016 model will inspire and connect you, your family, friends and passengers more than ever to the pure joy of flying an aeroplane in absolute comfort and safety,” says Andy, who has around 4,000 flying hours to his credit.

Further details about the Cirrus 2016 and the display can be found on the Cirrus Aircraft website here, or by contacting Rebecca Penny at or at 0414 806 802.

Words by Graeme Kelly
Images supplied by Cirrus Aircraft Sunshine Coast