From Thursday, 6 October to Sunday, 13 November, the Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery will showcase the beautiful works of artist Marcel Desbiens. The exhibition, titled ‘Close Up’, is inspired by Australia’s natural beauty, from the red centre to the azure coastlines. The oil paintings have been described by the gallery as ‘amazing’, and the team say, they consider it a privilege to exhibit the work.

Originally from Canada, Mr Desbiens is now based in Brisbane and considers it his mission to create artworks that initiate dialogue with the viewer, sparking an emotional reaction.

“As I have progressed over the years with my painting,” he says.

“I have turned towards the essential, back to basics – beauty. To recognise and appreciate external beauty, is to reconnect with our own, a small but important step towards a better world.”

Words by Stephen Chinnery
Image by Marcel Desbiens