Together with the generosity of the local community, Toowoomba Hospital Foundation has recently funded the purchase of a new Ultrasound Machine worth $142,000 for the Breast Screen Queensland Toowoomba Service, making it one of the first clinics in Queensland to have access to this new equipment.

Toowoomba Hospital Foundation CEO Alison Kennedy said it is a proud moment for the Foundation to be able to bring advanced technology into the region that will help save lives. She talked about the outstanding community effort, “Last year we had so many incredible women and men from Brisbane all the way to Goondiwindi give their time, money and talents in support of helping us raise these funds to bring this new technology to Toowoomba.”

Kennedy continued on the impact of this fundraising, explaining that now Toowoomba radiographers have the best tools possible to screen and diagnose patients, giving women the best possible chance at early detection right cross Darling Downs. “Whether they are your mum, aunt, grandmother, sister or close friend we all know someone who has been impacted by breast cancer, so it’s extremely important that we continue to support local women and assist our health service in delivering the highest-quality of care,” Kennedy said.

Ultrasounds are used as a diagnostic tool for women following a mammogram that has detected an abnormality in the breast. Typically, Breast Screen Toowoomba recall 5 to 10 per cent of women who have a mammogram and almost all these women will have an ultrasound as part of their routine care. In 2018/19 18,455 women across the region were screened and of those recalled to assessment, hundreds of women received ultrasounds.

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