Now in its third year of operations, Wellcamp Airport is no longer the new kid on the Australian Aviation industry block.

Having achieved some amazing milestones during its start-up phase, including securing frequent domestic passenger services with Qantas, Regional Express and Airnorth, the business’s focus has now turned to growing existing services and cementing its place as a strategic airport globally.

“It’s been an extremely fast paced couple of years here at Wellcamp Airport with rapid growth in passenger services and the establishment of international cargo services,” said Sara Hales, General Manager of Wellcamp Airport.

Wellcamp Airport commenced operations in November 2014, with 22 Qantas flights between Sydney and Wellcamp weekly, operated using a 74-seat Q400 aircraft.

Two years on, Wellcamp Airport is Australia’s fastest growing airport offering close to 80 regular passenger services, including 30 jet services.

Wellcamp now offers direct services to six destinations weekly including Melbourne, Cairns, Townsville and Sydney.

“Local support for our passenger flights has been fantastic and it’s because of thissupport that we’ve seen increases in

both our route frequency and destinations,” explained Ms Hales.

When asked what new destinations were on the horizon, Ms Hales said, “Every time you start your journey from Wellcamp you’re helping us to understand the demand for new destinations. Through the Qantas network passengers can connect to over 180 destinations globally and it’s through the use of connecting services that we can demonstrate the need for additional direct services to new destinations.”

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