Country Heart Events hosted its Christmas Market at The Glennie School from Friday 7 to Sunday 9 December. The event raised money for the Take A Break campaign through raffles and giveaways, supporting farmers doing it tough during the drought.

The first raffle saw Michelle Falconer taking home first prize, Angie with second and Andrea King with third.  The second raffle saw Sonia Pope come in first, Hannah Newton in second and Judy O’Brien in third.

The event had stalls and entertainment for all, featuring the local dance school ballerinas. Many of the stall holders were locals that were selling hand-crafted goods that are created in the town. All of the funds rasied went to farmers experiencing difficult times due to drought.

Country Heart Events is run by inspired regional craftspeople who are supporting their community by raising money for charities and creating magical lighthearted events filled with fun and a sense of community.

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