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Most people on the Darling Downs have heard about Mick Lindsay who has his own style of country rock.

Anyone who has listened to and enjoyed his smooth brand of music, can now enjoy a full studio produced album, which has immediately achieved some amazing milestones. “I walked into my manager’s office when she said ‘The album has gone to number three on the Australian Itunes Country chart’, it was unbelievable,” beams Lindsay.

The album is simply titled Mick Lindsay and the first single lifted from the album is Imaginary Girlwhich was topped only by Keith Urban and Rascal Flatts. The recording took place at The Vibetone studio in Pomona on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, as well as in Nashville, Tennessee. “The recording sessions here were the traditional musicians in the studio, all playing our parts and contributing as a whole. The Nashville process was very fragmented, with players recording all over the country, and sending me the stripped tracks. You could say I am a traditionalist in that sense, and the local recording sessions were a lot of fun. It wasn’t unusual to experiment with one track for a whole day, and be ecstatic with the final outcome.”

Mick says, “I started playing music 10 years ago, and I have always wanted to record an album. The song writing process has evolved over the last five years, and I basically chose the 12 best songs to include on this album. These songs all started as a basic acoustic demo, and gradually over time transformed into full production pieces, utilising banjo, guitar, harmonica, and a cowbell to complete the final tracks. Experimenting with these instruments was very interesting, and the album was a lot of fun to record.”

Mick Lindsay is a Queenslander, born and bred, and his fan base is very much in outback Queensland. “I feel at home touring these places; not only do I get to entertain crowds between Mount Isa and Townsville, or Birdsville to Longreach, but I have so many family and friends in these towns that I can stay with, it makes touring a hell of a lot of fun. I basically did my apprenticeship in Toowoomba, and on the Downs, playing hundreds of shows in country hotels and building up my repertoire. I was a carpenter during the day and playing live music on the weekends. Those smaller gigs turned into bigger shows, and before I knew it, I was getting offers from all over the state.”

It’s the relentless touring and live shows that have got Mick Lindsay to this point. “I realised last year that the administration side of my work was taking up about 90 per cent of my time; I was lucky to find Anita, who is now my manager, and this allows me to concentrate on song writing, production and performing .”

September was a hectic month for Mick, touring western Queensland to promote the album, and headlining the Birdsville Races, appearing on stage with Tania Kernaghan, Graham Nancarrow, Liam Brew and Victoria Edwards . Mick Lindsay’s self-titled album is currently available on iTunes.

Words by Marcus Hudswell| Images by Paul Smith Images, Moments by Sarah Photography