The 7News Young Achiever Awards Queensland has had some incredible news to start 2022 – Spirit Super is spreading the positive vibes by sponsoring a new category celebrating young people who are driving grass-roots, ‘real life’ initiatives that demonstrate genuine involvement, long-term value and add to the life of their community.

Awards Australia is now inviting nominations in this category, saying this is your chance to be part of something uplifting and acknowledge someone you know, who is creating real-life initiatives to celebrate being part of the community, no matter how small … or big! It only takes two minutes to tell us about them, just click here and you’ll be done in no time. We take care of the rest!!

Organisers said, “We need your help, as this is a brand new category and our nomination period has been extended till midnight, Friday 4 February. But we will never pass up an opportunity to recognise young Queenslanders and this new category is a very exciting one for the awards, as it gives us a chance to applaud young people in new and diverse areas/fields that may not have been covered previously. But be quick – we can’t keep it open for long!”

Awards category sponsor, Spirit Super representatives say they are passionate about connecting with and supporting communities right across the country to create a brighter future, which is why they have introduced the Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award.  These initiatives may meet a specific need or simply be a ‘fun’ way to celebrate being part of a community, fostering a strong sense of community spirit, which plays a vital role in enhancing the way people connect in their community.

Nominations questions:

  1. Provide a brief background and history of the nominee, their initiative that is Connecting Communities” and achievements to date
  2. Outline the short and long term goals of the nominee and their initiative
  3. Demonstrate community involvement
    a) In planning
    b) In the way the project is delivered
    c) In the way the project is received (by participants/community)
  4. Demonstrate the value of the initiative to the local community. You can use media clippings, testimonials, photos as well as commentary to respond to this question
  5. Provide details of any challenges and/or obstacles that have had to be overcome and how this has been achieved
  6. In 25 words (2-3 sentences), please summarise your nomination; highlighting your achievements and impacts made. This summary will be used for all media purposes and onstage presentations at the gala dinner.

If you would like more information and to fill out the full nomination form for yourself, please go to and select “QLD”.

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