Internationally trained facial cosmetic tattooist June Warry believes in perfectionism and self improvement. Opening her business, Beauty Effects, in 2005, Warry has gained global recognition through her passion and quality services.

She believes in giving her customers the confidence to feel comfortable in their own skin. Specialising in permanent cosmetic tattooing, Warry takes her responsibility to clients very seriously. She trains internationally to ensure the highest quality results and is passionate about ensuring her customers receive the best treatments. She recently bought international expert Stefanie Toms to Toowoomba to train with her and other therapists. Working as a beauty therapist in 2000, Warry became intrigued by cosmetic tattooing. She explains that she was drawn into the industry many years ago after having her own eyebrows tattooed at a young age. After working under the wing of experienced beauty therapists, Warry decided to take the next step in her career. “I went out on my own and I was fortunate enough to meet some really amazing cosmetic tattooists and then they came to my business, “she said. Warry reflects on how far she has come. “I feel I’ve evolved with business, and I’m really proud of where it is now.

Passionate about her work, Warry strives to give her customers confidence. Whether it is going to the gym, swimming, or when friends show up unannounced, Warry wants her customers to be happy to show their faces no matter what the circumstances. When asked what the highlights of owning Beauty Effects have been, Warry is adamant, “My main highlight is the connection that you develop with your clients.” She said some clients save up for months and some have been diagnosed with cancer and want the tattooing done before they lose their hair. “You’ve got clients that have had not great experiences elsewhere and they come to you, and the trust and relationship you develop with that person, to me, is priceless.” Warry does most of her training overseas, learning from awardwinning cosmetic tattooists around the world. “I think my clients deserve nothing but the best and that’s why I choose to go overseas,” she said. In the process of training, Warry chooses an artist and does masterclass training’ with them.

Warry believes in the importance of frequent training in the beauty industry, especially if clients are choosing someone to tattoo on their face. “You really want to put yourself in trust of someone who is doing at least one full-on extended training session a year,” she said. Warry said even though she has been in the industry for 16 years, she re-invented herself four years ago, feeling the need to improve her results and has trained regularly ever since.

Warry’s perfectionist approach to her work and consistent training has gained her international recognition, however the individual attention she gives each customer is what makes her services so special. “Yes, I am creating a look and giving them what they are after and what they paid for, but every one of those clients are walking around with a little piece of Beauty Effects.”

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