Some time in the future, you are likely to see Megan Baker’s name in the credits of a movie you have just enjoyed. This Downlands College student is destined for great things.

Born in Brisbane and raised in Emerald, Megan was an accomplished student at the local Catholic high school as she was growing up. Megan’s teachers and family encouraged her interest in film and she knew she needed to find a school environment that would allow her to extend herself. After much evaluation, Megan was particularly attracted to the Film, TV and New Media course offered to senior students at Downlands College. “Deciding to come to boarding school is by far the biggest thing I’ve ever done,” Megan explains, “but it has definitely been worth it.” Megan has immersed herself in the cultural life of Toowoomba and the college, thanking her teachers for being so involved in what she does outside of the classroom. After successfully auditioning for the Empire Theatres Impact Ensemble, Megan has been involved in the productions of Blackrock and 10 down six across this year. She also attends drama classes at the Empire and was recently awarded an Empire Theatres Foundation Bursary and will attend a week-long residency at the Queensland Theatre Company in September next year. Megan was also the props manager for the Downlands College musical in May. “Next year I will definitely be trying out for the debating team and the oratory competition,” she declares. “I’m so glad I’ve had this year to get to know the college and be involved in so many exciting projects and activities.”