Chantal Hart is a fully qualified makeup artist and hair stylist who has been in the industry for more than 10 years.

Chantal lives and works in Dalby, providing the local community with high quality hair and makeup services. She explains she has always loved hair and makeup and feels it is something she was meant to do. “I first started out in the hairdressing industry doing a four year apprenticeship. I have now been doing this and also been self-employed for over 15 years,” said Chantal. “Because I loved and was so passionate about make-up, I thought it would be great for business having qualifications in both, so in 2008 I decided to do a makeup course. I have had two beautiful children since, so work took a back seat for a while after I received my certificate. Since the girls have started school I have heavily started focusing on it again. It’s really only been two years since I have started full time makeup and I am blown away at how busy it has become. In this time I have completed masterclasses with Mia Connor, Merton Muaremi, and Sheridan Myers and have also attended many look and learn classes with other well known amazing artists.”

The artist was born and raised in Dalby, and she loves the community aspect of the area. The small town affords her a well-known name and guaranteed business. “I have always lived in Dalby. It’s a great little community! I have barely had to advertise at all as the word of mouth is amazing! I am very lucky I have been so well supported,” said Chantal. Referring to her clients, Chantal continued, “Love them! I’ve been lucky enough to have some of my hairdressing clients since I owned my first salon at Jandowae, 10 years ago. They are like family now. I’ve also been fortunate to meet so many new faces in the past three years since owning my current studio and I feel so blessed. Best job ever. I have met so many great people!”

Chantal believes the intimate nature of her studio and services set her apart from other hair and makeup artists in the area. “My current studio is based at home so it’s a little more personal. I only do two hairdressing clients per day and really focus on that one-on-one attention. My studio has a hairdressing station, basin, makeup bar and is completely fit out with kitchen and bathroom, so it’s a great little space that I love to spend my days in. I love the look on new clients’ faces when the walk in. They are like ‘Wow! I didn’t expect this!’ I also love offering my clients the best service possible using only high end, top quality products. If I wouldn’t use it on myself, I sure wouldn’t use it on them.”

In terms of personal choice of style, Chantal says “Keep it simple. I think nothing ruins a look more when the makeup is on point and the hair has been overdone.”

For 2019, Chantal hopes to keep pursuing her passions and also gain experience in fashion and editorial realms.

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