The Dalby Swimming Pool has been home to the Dalby Dolphins Swim Squad for a number of years producing young athletes such as Chelsea Lockhart & Healy Beresford.

Highlife Magazine

Making her first splash into swimming club at the age of four, and beginning training at seven years old, Chelsea Lockhart attends local carnivals throughout the swimming season, and has recently been chosen to represent the Darling Downs for her school swim team, as well as at club level. To date, Chelsea’s best events have been the 50 metre freestyle and 50 metre backstroke. When asked what Chelsea loves about swimming, she says, “I love being in the water; it’s refreshing and I sort of feel like I belong there.” The feeling has kept her training and improving for a number of years.

The competitions held for young up-and-coming athletes create a great opportunity to showcase the hard training and time put into swimming, with early morning starts and afternoon squad trainings designed to perfect their techniques. Chelsea adds, “I love competing because I make lots of new friends and it teaches me to be a good sport.” The friendly competition provided by such opportunities allows a challenge in athleticism, but also provides benefits out of the pool where racing against others and yourself allows a strong sense of character and good sportsmanship to grow – qualities that are essential for success not only in the sporting field, but in school and for the future.

At age 11, Healy Beresford is another keen swimmer who has accomplished much. Early this year, at the local school swimming carnival, Healy broke various records emerging with a number of firsts to claim age champion, then continuing on to Bunya and Darling Downs Championships to continue his winning streak. After completing a successful round of competitions, Healy competed in the State Championships finals in the 50 metre and 100 metre freestyle, a massive achievement and proud moment for the Dalby Dolphin who also started competing at age seven. While at the State Championships, Healy competed in two relay teams placing third overall.

When asked about the State Championships, Healy said, “I loved going; it’s fun to be swimming in front of loads of people.” The competition was not only exciting but also quite intimidating, as Healy describes, “I did get nervous, but the adrenalin helps you in the race.”

The Dalby Dolphins Swim Squad have been running Tuesday night squad for many years, allowing young swimmers to race against others, but also their personal best times for weekly improvement. Chelsea describes club nights as, “always fun, because it’s competitive, but I have a great time with my friends”; a balance that is very important in such an environment. Healy agrees that it is dedication to the sport which gets the great results. “‘I love coming to training, because the more I train, the better I become.”

The dedication and passion both Chelsea and Healy show is a testament to their good nature and will no doubt lead them both to more success in the future.

Words by Laura Macdougall | Images by Scott Macdougall