Dalby State School’s 2020 Captains Clayton Sternes and Mia Seng are keen to make a positive difference in their roles as student leaders. They believe leadership is important as good leaders enable others to think about innovative ways to support students’ learning and wellbeing. They think it is important to make school fun as well as a safe place for students to learn.

Previous school captains influenced Clayton and Mia’s decisions to strive for the role this year. Clayton remembers, “As a young child in Prep, I looked up to those in School Captain roles due to their presence, integrity and genuine caring attitude towards others.” Mia and Clayton hope to follow the footsteps of past School Captains, to demonstrate compassion and respect for others.

This year they would like to work to support everyone, providing new activities during break time and initiatives to improve the school environment — including a gardening project. Both are encouraging other students to enjoy school and take pride in being part of the Dalby State School community.

The pair also hopes to lead their peers and younger students to be respectful and safe learners, which are key school values at Dalby State School. Within their leadership team they are working together towards achieving these important common goals and ensuring that Dalby State School is, as Mia says, “A space where students enjoy school and take pride in being a student here.”

This is an exciting year for the team.

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