Highlife Magazine

Local businesses across the Darling Downs and surrounding regions remain highly fortuitous over the coming three years after a recent survey shows positive results, with the agricultural sector expected to yield the strongest performance.

Contrary to business owners fearing a downturn in trade across the region over the last six months (with the construction and mining industries in Roma really feeling the brunt of economic decline) confidence among businesses from Toowoomba to the wide stretches of Chinchilla and Dalby has risen to a brimming and positive outlook over the next six months according to a condition report by Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise (TSBE).

TSBE’s Business Confidence Survey tallied thousands of businesses spreading across Toowoomba and Surat Basin to gain a better understanding of the cause and effect of growth and profitability of the local economy. It indicated the agricultural industry to be the region’s strongest performer while the manufacturing industry has shown a turnaround in results with a trend set to continue in the following six months.

TSBE chief executive officer Shane Charles said that despite recent slumps in economic growth, he was pleased with the optimism of Toowoomba’s and Darling Downs’ future. “There certainly is a great deal to be optimistic about in this region with the recent signing of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement,” Mr. Charles said. “It is these developments that are seeing our region looking to the future and strengthening our position as a regional powerhouse for Queensland and Australia.”


Words by Kirk W Wallace