2020 Golden Guitars’ nominee [for Best New Talent], Darlinghurst will be performing live at Road to Roma Country Music Festival on March 7.

The band has just released its new single, Where Do We Go. One pundit mused the song sits somewhere between Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran, due in part perhaps to Darlinghurst member Matt Darvidis taking lead vocals for the very first time.

Matt delivers his vocal so sweetly and believes it was the lyrics that inspired him to do so. He said, Where Do We Go evokes this sense of freedom and an appreciation of life and love, when you’re traveling in the same direction with the ones you hold close. The inspiration behind the song was the importance of being present and optimistic on what the future may bring. And it is just such a great song to sing.”

Where Do We Go is a perfect 3 minute and 30 second oasis moment to help escape the frenetic, often confusing, fast paced, modern life we all lead these days. Darlinghurst themselves are not immune to this quickened pace of life.

Darlinghurst has already established a toe hold in the US with So Long So Long in 2020, and has also released their second Music Row radio track (Gotta Go Rodeo).  The band will also finish recording their 11 track debut album, shoot a video for Where Do We Go and, just last weekend, open for Jimmy Barnes for the very first time (see below for just one of the fantastic reviews) … and that’s just in the month of January.

With the early positive feedback and activity swirling around this relatively new band, Darlinghurst’s music is proving to be seriously infectious with no less than four out of four Top 5 Music Network Country Hot 50 chart positions to date [including two chart #1’s!]. The band’s most recent release, Gotta Go Rodeo, not only went to #1 on the Music Network Country Hot 50 charts but managed to hold out Keith Urban and Pink from the top spot for two weeks, so something’s connecting!

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