Diamond lover Christina Duddy has carved a niche for herself helping people find the perfect engagement ring.

Christina Duddy’s enterprise, The Diamond Hunter, is a service that sources stones and fine jewellery for customers looking for the perfect engagement ring. Originally from Innisfail, the ‘mum-preneur’ moved to a farm at Goondiwindi where she combines her own love stories: that with her partner, and the one she has with diamonds. “I’ve always had a love for diamonds,” she enthuses. “It dates back to working in a jewellery store as a teenager.” Through her own engagement process, Christina realised there was a gap in the market. “Hearing the process from James [her husband] made me realise that males had no objective support when sourcing an engagement ring.”

Offering a no-nonsense and affordable service, Christina works closely with clients as far away as Brisbane, Cairns, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth to navigate the ring-buying process. “My clients spread from barristers in Sydney to fishermen in Cairns. I guess the biggest challenge is offering a personal service but doing it virtually,” she said. The process is straightforward. Starting with a rough budget and idea, Christina and her clients begin by conceptualising the ring, and after a mutual agreement, Christina sources the diamond. “The diamond is the most important part,” she said. “I do that through wholesaler suppliers and then we get it sent off to one of my private jewellers to customise the ring.” Since launching in 2016, The Diamond Hunter has grown rapidly. “I’m finding why clients are flocking to me instead of jewellers is because they are time poor; they like the education and the price,” she said. “As I am going straight to the source, I am offering very competitive prices for custom made rings.”

Sourcing the best bling for your buck, Christina only sources certified diamonds. “You get what you pay for and because it is all certified, clients can be sure of the integrity of their purchase.” And she knows her rocks, too: she has been certified by the universally recognised Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Trends come and go, but according to Christina, “a classic never dies”. “The classic round diamond is very popular. What people are doing now is mixing that with a diamond band/halo, which adds a modern twist to the classic design.” Inspired by her clients and their stories, Christina loves to be part of one of their happiest moments in life.

In the future, Christina hopes to expand her reach and offer her services to a broader range of people. “The Diamond Hunter is enjoying a beautiful growth at the moment and I really feel like the world is our oyster. I believe there are so many people Australia wide that can benefit from my services,” she said. With her passion and knowledge, Christina has made herself the secret behind countless love stories — and enviable engagement photos. “I love what I do, and I believe that is the secret to The Diamond Hunter’s success,” she said.

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