Australian Ag Tech company Direct Injection Technologies ( DIT) has joined crowdfunding platform Equitise, giving everyday Australian’s the chance to invest in the business.

Based in Toowoomba, DIT is offering a 10 per cent stake in its business to both city and regional investors through the Equitise platform. It is the first ag-tech equity crowdfunding offer in Australia.

DIT is the world’s leading water supplement technology company that is revolutionising the way livestock in Australia are supplemented and managed. It has turned to equity crowdfunding to fund growth, hire staff, set up ‘micro-factories’and invest in research and development. DIT also plans to commercialise other products currently in development aimed at digitising farms, providing connectivity across farm areas and animal ID and GPS tracking.

Owner of DIT Mark Peart says he was inspired to turn to crowdfunding by his family’s determination to supply water to the Australian livestock industry. “My uncle was the first person to invent a device to proportionately measure and dose. My father commercialised the concept but then retired,” he said. “With the recent advances in technology, we are now able to continue the legacy and put this into practice,” he said.

CoFounder of Equitise Chris Gilbert is thrilled to have DIT on the Equitise platform. “DIT is a perfect example of Australian businesses that turn to the “crowd”, the everyday Australian to help fast track and grow a successful business,” he said. “This is such a rare opportunity to be a part of a business that is set to completely revolutionise the way Aussie farmers feed and nourish their cattle and livestock,” he said.

The conventional method of supplementing cattle and sheep is labour intensive and expensive, costing upwards of 40 cents per animal per day. DIT proportionally dose supplements into livestock’s drinking water, reducing costs for farmers to 8 cents per animal per day.

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