St Saviour’s Primary School’s principal Donna Muir is focused on the children and ensuring they know she is interested in their learning. As a young teacher, Donna observed a supervisor who had come to visit her and was immediately struck by his engagement with the children.
Rather than keeping to himself, he climbed into the go-carts the Year 6 class were making and took a ride. This was the point in her career that Donna realised leadership must always remain about the children.  Donna has taken this lesson and has made it her leadership goal to ensure that she supports all staff to make learning the best it can be for students.
To young leaders of the future Donna’s message is clear: Being a teacher in education is a blessing and real privilege; be inspired by the children in the same way you motivate them to learn, always have a passion for learning yourself and never forget to make a difference in the lives of each and every student.

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