Bell P-10 State School has an active student leadership team who organise numerous fundraising events throughout the school year.

Students are offered the opportunity each year to take a dynamic part in the school community, putting their bid in to be elected as a School Captain, Sports House Captain or a Student Councillor.

School Captain Sarah Morrow started at Bell State School in 2016 and promptly began to eagerly assist the Student Council at any time she could. In 2017, Sarah stepped up and was voted in as School Captain and Secondary Bunya House Captain, leading the Student Council. Sarah was very fortunate to meet the honourable Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull during the Bell Show, representing the school on a national scale.

Sarah was voted in again this year as School Captain. She enjoys competing in interhouse sports competitions and interschool sports, striving to excel in her studies in the hope of becoming a theatre nurse at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. She spends her free time with horses, and hopes to complete an equine veterinary course to potentially breed show horses in the future.

Sarah leads an enthusiastic Student Council, who together enthusiastically raise money for charitable organisations through student body events, as well as funding camps across the school. The Sports House Captains lead house teams Bunya and Wonga for interhouse sports carnivals, as well as the many other competitions that take place between them.

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