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Encore screenings of the film Embrace will be showing in Toowomba from Monday, September 5.

Event organiser Jessica Ryder organised the initial screenings after a positive response to her original event.

Jessica brought the film, which promotes positive body image, to Toowoomba in July. She sold 160 tickets, had her event shared more than 500 times on social media, and sold out two screenings. This initial event was meant to be a small but important campaign to promote body positivity. It has, however, turned into something bigger.

The outcry from people who missed out on the event was so loud that two other additional screenings were added. The additional screenings of Embrace will run on Wednesday, August 31 and Monday, September 5.

Embrace tackles issues such as positive body image and self-love and has resonated with audiences around the world. At the centre of the film is Taryn Brumfitt, a “body image activist” whose struggles with her post-childbirth body led to her contemplating plastic surgery. However, it soon became clear to her that her attitude towards her body was more dangerous than any doctor with a knife. From there, she began the Body Image Movement, a crusade that acknowledges that bodies come in different shapes and sizes. The movement heralds the importance of health before beauty.

“The inspiration for Embrace came about after I posted an unconventional before-and-after image on the internet in 2013 that sparked an international media frenzy. The image, which embraces body diversity, was seen by over 100 million people worldwide and led to hundreds of interviews and articles,”

“But I soon realized how restrictive four-minute TV interviews, 800 word articles and 140 characters on Twitter can be. This issue needed a louder voice on a bigger platform, so the idea of creating the documentary Embrace was born,” explains Taryn Brumfitt, who is both the inspiration and director of the film. The movement explains the important of body diversity, celebrating the body, and allowing oneself to grow old naturally. The film focuses on redefining the meaning of what a “good body” is and how personal health should be of the utmost importance.

Tickets to the event are selling fast. Tickets for the August 31 screening are available here and more information is available on their Facebook page. Tickets for the September 5 screening are available here and the event page can be found here. Learn more about the movement on their website.

You can read our interview with Taryn Brumfitt here.

Words by Katreena Bacatan
Image from Body Image Movement