Our Lady of Southern Cross College year two students Harriet Martin and Lucy Bennie have instigated a Reach for the Rubbish awareness campaign to inspire fellow students to protect the environment and keep the college clean.

The pair started the campaign with the help of their teacher, Ms Kristen Joyce. To get the message across, they put up posters around the College. At the beginning of the following term, they were given the opportunity to further fight for their cause by making a short movie to share with their school at the Early Years Assembly.

Harriet and Lucy’s Reach for the Rubbish Campaign encouraged other students to keep their environment clean by providing clever incentives and reward systems. They examined each area every day after school to determine which students kept their own areas tidiest, congratulating them with certificates and lollipops.

Harriet and Lucy were initially inspired to create this campaign after seeing the amount of rubbish the older students had left on the ground. They were concerned that toddlers might pick up discarded icy-pole sticks and put them in their mouths.

Harriet and Lucy determined that they should set an example for the older kids and their school by running an awareness campaign. Both girls have said they would like to work in a field where they can care for animals and the environment in the future.

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