Export opportunities are set to take off for the Toowoomba region, once Brisbane West Wellcamp Airport (BWWAirport) officially opens for business later this year.

Built by Toowoomba-based construction company Wagners, the mega project will not only be available for regular commercial passenger flights, but also cater for large jets enabling airfreight into and out of the region.

This import and export potential will be of major interest to delegates when Wagners Chairman John Wagner presents at Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise’s (TSBE) inaugural ‘Ag in the Asian Century’ conference in Toowoomba this October.
The event, being held on 1-2 October, will be examining export and innovation opportunities for Australian agriculture, as it prepares to take advantage of the Asian Century.

As the new major gateway for South West Queensland, BWWAirport will open the skies for direct export and import opportunities, right here in the Toowoomba region. Mr Wagner’s presentation will focus on these channels, and touch on other logistics needed to get Australian food and products to the Asian markets, including road, rail and ports. “With the potential for direct freight charter flights to Asia, there is an enormous opportunity to grow agribusiness and export markets for our region once the airport opens later this year,” Mr Wagner said.

“Toowoomba is Queensland’s number one agricultural basin and one of the potential biggest markets for our produce is Asia.
With China predicted to account for 40 per cent of incremental increases in food demand globally over the next 20 years, with the two main drivers for this being population and income growth, China is certainly a long term opportunity for regional food producing businesses like those based in the Toowoomba and Surat Basin region.”

Mr Wagner, who is also TSBE Chairman, is just one of the many industry leaders and Australian business success stories delegates will hear as the conference explores some of the emerging realities around Asian growth opportunities.

Proceedings will kick off with industry tours, including a preview of the new BWWAirport, currently under construction in Toowoomba.

To view the official program and register, please visit www.agintheasiancentury.com.au.

via TSBE