Fairholme College will host the fourth Facets; An Art Exhibition at Fairholme, from 22 to 24 May in 2020.

With incredible support from the community, Fairholme is able to award a number of artists for their work. In total 10 awards will be announced at Opening Night, to acknowledge artists, and also encourage emerging artists. “Initially we held the exhibition in 2017 to celebrate 100 years at the college, but the interest in us providing a more boutique exhibition, which also acknowledges artists by way of awards, allowed us to continue. It has grown each year, but the curators are very select on entries, allowing us to keep the exhibition spacious, and truly appreciative of art,” says Head of Arts at Fairholme, Karen Hayward.

Because of the exclusive entry condition, online entries will open early in 2020, on 3 February, and close 17 April. The works are then considered by a panel of experienced curators, and selected for exhibition at Facets. A three dimensional award, introduced for the exhibition this year, is aimed at recognising artwork in ceramics and textiles. There are also Emerging Artist, Acquisitive and Open Art awards, along with a number of student awards. “Our aim is to provide a refined, boutique exhibition that allows people to connect with art, explore the human experience and, in turn, provoke new ways of connecting with the world around us. Art has that ripple effect,” says Karen. The Exhibition opens on the Friday evening, 22 May, with an Art in Discussion breakfast on the weekend before closing on Sunday 24 May. Details at: www.fairholme.qld.edu.au

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