It is not quite the year Laura Craft had planned as the Head Girl of Fairholme College in 2020, but she is certainly making the most of it. COVID-19 has already halted many of the leader’s plans for her fellow students, but it will not stop Laura from making the most of her Senior Year.

“There’s certainly more opportunities for us to be creative and adapt. It is an historic year to be a leader, that’s for sure,” she says positively. Laura is focused on the remainder of the year and is determined to encourage as much positivity in the school community as possible, once all students return to regular school life.

“I’ll be making sure all the girls feel welcomed after spending so much time away from each other, and away from Fairholme,” she said. Already the Year 12 formal, the school’s cross country and many other events have been postponed or cancelled. “I’m just hoping we can do as many of the things we had planned for the year in the second half.”

Laura, a keen mountain biker, is sticking to her original plan for the rest of 2020 and into 2021 and will not be rushing into tertiary studies after school. “I’m planning to go to Tasmania at the end of the year and work at the bike trails there for a while. Then next year, if Australia opens to international travel, I’m hoping to do the Enduro World Series.” After conquering the bike track, Laura hopes to begin her studies in Engineering at The University of Queensland.

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