The markets Toowoomba has come to know and love will be heading downtown to Walton Stores to host an array of local seasonal fresh food.

Together with growers and artisans, the emphasis will be on connecting patrons with the story of their food and wares and give them a true food experience. The market will continue to provide the community with education, inspiration and innovation by collaborating with Walton Stores.

Walton Stores has marked the beginning of a cultural transformation in Toowoomba that the established market is proud to support, by blending heritage and traditions and handing down skills and knowledge to patrons in a family friendly space. With additional parking space now available in Toowoomba’s revitalised city centre

the markets are set to be a bigger attraction than ever before. Toowoomba Farmers’ Market have worked hard to seek out new and existing marketers that marry with their sustainable ethos and high standards.

“To us, it’s paramount we provide a suitable environment for farmers and specialty food producers to sell their wares in a growing food hub. ”

Walton Stores have purposely built infrastructure to host the markets which ensures viability for all. Owner/director of Walton Stores Barry O’Sullivan has commented “We are looking forward to Toowoomba Farmers’ Market moving in, they have built themselves a quality reputation and showcase a diverse range of stallholders and the origin of their wares.”

Authentic French baker Gwendoline PERRET from Bonjour Boulangerie

states, “I am delighted by the move to the Walton Stores, right in the center of the city. It’s achieving what a market should: bringing fresh produce where they are not yet available. The support of TFM has been crucial to my business and their energy and philosophy is changing the way Toowoombarites consume products.”

The new location markets aim to open their stalls as of Saturday, 1 April. The market will be offering traditional produce and services as well as demonstrations, talks, music, readymade food, fresh food to prepare in your kitchen and tips and tricks from a wide range of professionals who offer their products.

Founder and director Fiona May stated, “We are eager to empower more growers, artisans, musicians, artists and our community to join our grassroots philosophy, the slow food revolution”.