Lisa Kennedy’s beloved collection of homewares, clothing and accessories has been launched into the virtual racks of an online shop. A journey that has endured time, motherhood and distance, Kennedy’s hard work has seen her company blossom over the past four years.

Beginning her journey in 2013 from the corners of Miles Creek Café, Kennedy’s reputation as a designer has blossomed with consistently high quality and abundant collections of contemporary chic designs. Kennedy began the year with strong momentum, kicking off February with the opening of her own store after four years running pop-up shops. Having created a space full of colour, inspiration and convivial harmony, Kennedy’s creations are hung, draped and rested within the walls of her Murilla Street store in Miles.

“I always wanted to create a lifestyle store with homewares, clothing and accessories; a store with everything I loved under one roof,” explains Kennedy. The Lisa Kennedy Collections store is stocked with unique decorator pieces, gorgeous lamps, clothing and a fabulous range of jewellery and earrings, all whilst evoking a sense of calm and hospitality. I had been thinking about launching an online store for a while, and when my usual pop-up fairs were cancelled due to the virus it was the kickstart I needed.”

Many small business owners in the country are aware of the importance of a loyal customer base and constantly reaching above and beyond. Now having a platform to continue interacting with her regular customers, Kennedy also saw the opportunity to extend her offering with access to those far away. “We all know retail is tough in regional areas. To grow and expand, I knew I needed to get online, so I was delighted to be introduced to the Business Navigator Western Downs team.”

With the combined brain power of Kennedy and her digital marketing advisor Ailsa Cass, the two have successfully launched the store on an all-inclusive online selling platform. “Just having someone to push me along who’s as invested in my business as I am is great. I’ve really appreciated the advice and assistance of their marketing advisor Ailsa Cass in creating the online store,” said Kennedy.

Having solid building blocks from years of pop-up shops and dedication to her new Miles store, Lisa Kennedy Collections now seeks to extend its established branding to customers beyond the boundaries of Western Downs. Despite knowing the difficulties of operating in regional Australia, Cass insists that there is nowhere the two would rather be. Even now, stretching her carefully cultivated collections beyond the borders of Miles, Kennedy’s honed tastes have not been lost in technological translation and still emit the sophisticated simplicity of country style.

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