One of Australia’s leading rural, regional and remote telecommunications carrier, Field Solutions Holdings Limited has been granted a second Building our Regions Grant by Balonne Shire. The grant includes a $1m capital contribution, as well as a 10 year exclusive, maintain and operate contract for the Balonne Shire area.

With digital connectivity severely lacking in the shire boundaries the grant comes as a win for the Balonne area to increase web efficiency. FSH focusses on building and operating true broadband networks specifically for rural, regional and remote Australia. Currently operating community-led networks in Northern New South Wwals extending from Weemelah NSW to Mungindi QLD the Balonne Shire project will extend to this existing Northern NSW corridor. “Our network now reaches from Narrabri Shire in NSW to the Balonne Shire in QLD. We are addressing the connectivity needs on large Agribusiness community,” said Andrew Roberts, CEO of FSG.

The project plans to deliver both residential and business internet access via its Just-ISP retail services provider brand. The Building our Region funding is being used to fund the construction and operation of this new network jointly with construction activity to begin before Christmas. “By working together, re-using in-place council assets and planning the roll-out, we can cost-effectively and efficiently deploy our network where NBN can only provide satellite services,” Roberts added.

Having recently completed the Blackall-Tambo Shire connectivity project, FSH has cemented itself as a leader in the rural telecommunications industry especially in regard to long-distance projects, “FSG is ensuring these shires are futureproofing themselves in a post-NBN landscape.”

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