Family-owned furniture makers Buywood Furniture has welcomed its fifth generation to the business, with craftswoman Elyse Kenny joining the Brisbane team.

Daughter of owner Lee Kenny, Elyse recently graduated from the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Honours).

Elyse has a passion for woodworking, particularly the moment her designs come to fruition. She says Scandinavian design is one of her favourite styles, embracing minimalism, where the key detail elements are subtle.

Owner and chief designer Lee Kenny prides himself on a traditional approach to furniture making, utilising time-honoured joinery techniques to create pieces that last.

He oversees the production of all pieces that come through his workshop, ensuring he is producing only the highest quality unique timber furniture.

Lee says his business has a strong connection to regional Queensland, with his longest serving employee and supervisor Will Hinrichsen reigning from Alpha in outback western Queensland. Will moved to Brisbane after high school, and shortly after began his apprenticeship with Lee at Buywood Furniture.

Another team member originating from regional Queensland is Ben Tigell, growing up in Blackbutt with a family background in woodworking, where he learned the trade before travelling to Brisbane. These connections tie Buywood to regional Queensland, offering delivery to those in the Darling Downs area, and beyond.

For more than 40 years, the Buywood team has handcrafted award-winning custom timber furniture, maintaining the art of woodworking by passing knowledge through the generations, and onto carefully selected and dedicated artisans.

The business has been presented with three Best of Houzz awards from online design and architecture community Houzz, across the categories of Design, and Service Excellence.

Buywood Furnitures’ Brisbane showroom is located at 78 Farrington Street, Alderley, five kilometres north of the city. The workshop is located at the rear of the showroom, where artisans are at work Monday to Friday, and can give insight into the craft of fine furniture making.

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