‘I love clothes, but I love them in a very ‘regular person’ way’ – Lauren Weisberger, Author – The Devil Wears Prada


When I think of Winter ‘puffy’ jackets, I think of one I fell in love with in a Gucci shop in Paris – it remained in the store! I was recently in Melbourne and ‘the word on the street’ was amazingly priced ‘puffy jackets’ at UNIQLO in the Emporium. Would they match the image of my Gucci obsession? The Japanese retailer had opened its first store in Australia in Melbourne. So naturally a shopping excursion had to be fitted in between other social activities – a Winter coat that fitted into a small carrying pouch was a must!

Living in Toowoomba a girl cannot have too many Winter coats and jackets for social activities, dog walking and exercising and keeping warm! So with a focus on ‘puffy jackets’ it was straight to UNIQLO and the women’s section. Japanese size clothes to fit someone 182cms – that had to be seen to be believed – it was a shopping frenzy throughout the store! Needless to say within the 30 minutes allotted I had purchased a beige Ultra Light Down Vest for $59.90 and a black Ultra Light Down Stand Collar Coat for $149.50 – maybe not Gucci but they keep me warm! The only disappointment was that I did not have time to explore the other departments – the next social occasion awaited!

Jan Knox