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Experienced and novice artists alike painted the town with their talented street style last weekend in Toowoomba’s CBD. The First Coat Street Art and Music Festival was a big hit once again this year with 61 artists over the course of three days, as they made the city pop with their murals. With 30 large-scale murals across the city people were enthused to check out the magnificent art, listen to live music and enjoy 14 free side events including laneway markets and exhibitions on May 16-18 2015.

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Each artist highlighted their pride and passion for art by contributing their unique mural using spray paint with different themes that were important to them, such as dystopia, hunger and the interrelationship between man and nature. Artists also took the history of each building as inspiration for content.

The day featured headliners including Californian Madteez, Does of the Netherlands and New Zealand-based artists Askew One and Cinzah Seekayem as well many other international artists for the official launch party on May 16. After experiencing this artistic event, the community appreciated the beauty of street art as not just random graffiti you see in your daily life.

Words by Ellen Goddard  | Images by First Coat