From Toowoomba to America Meghan searched the world to find the secrets for thriving health.

“I still pinch myself daily when I hear the faint chant of a little boy calling mama and realize that is me … finally. Rewind back to a point in my life where I was sitting in a specialist office being told that I had a very little chance of being able to conceive naturally. The most disappointing part of that story is allowing someone of significance and an opinion you trust to take away the trust you have in your own body. I felt like my body was broken.

“It was that point that I knew there had to be more, this was my challenge to find a way to give my body what it needed to thrive and I did just that. I went searching far and wide and ended up working with a holistic health coach under the guidance of an incredible American Naturopathic Doctor, Stephen Cabral (thanks to the power of the internet- completely virtual). Little did I know just how much my life would change in that moment. I was able to uncover answers about my body I had searched 10 years to find and was able to give it everything it needed to rebalance naturally and that is exactly what it did.

This experience led me to gain qualifications in Nutrition, Health Promotion and Integrative Health and birth my business Florin Wellness (virtual Practice) which now allows me the privilege to support clients who were just like me, providing them with some of the most sacred commodities there is, hope, answers, customized holistic wellness protocols and most importantly the opportunity to feel heard. This allows clients to bring their bodies back into balance so they too can flourish from within.

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