I always think Preston Peak Wines is a fabulous escape – a fabulous wine, food and views kind of escape. It’s where you go to relax and soak in the serenity (or the jazz if it’s on).

Even though it’s just ten minutes from Toowoomba somehow those views make Preston Peak Wines feel far, far away. The Mediterranean menu sort of adds to the general far awayness of it all too because there’s nothing really like it anywhere else in Toowoomba.

I was in the mood for an escape the other day and coincidentally so was my 89 year-old mother-in-law. So we headed to Preston Peak to begin our adventure with some wine. Very sound idea indeed. As we sat gazing out towards the Great Dividing Range, all dreamy blue and sea-like, she asked if she could go up in the helicopter.

“The helicopter?”

Hey there’s a helicopter! A shiny Robinson R44 owned by Heliwest Group and all ready for Sunday joy flights.

Adventure right there beckoning us forth.

We tottered over to the helipad (wheelie walkers are not designed for speed).

Next thing she was stepping up into the front seat (ably assisted by some handsome men in smart uniforms) strapping on the seatbelt and signalling with a big thumbs up and an even bigger smile.

Take-off in a helicopter is so smooth compared to a plane. It’s like sitting in a big comfy armchair that floats. She loved it!

And just like that, we were up in the air taking in the birds’ eye view of Toowoomba – which looks a lot like Smurf town from up high. We fluttered over a patchwork of farms, Tabletop’s rocky magnificence, escarpment mansions and back to the vineyard.

“It was absolutely brilliant,” she said. “But not nearly long enough!”

I agree – you don’t want the flight to end and I could almost hear myself saying “Can we go again? Can we? Can we?”

I thoroughly recommend a helicopter flight before lunch. It is quite an exhilarating appetiser and definitely a conversation starter.

So if you’re up for a small adventure and you’d like to give someone special a treat take them to Preston Peak Wines on the last Sunday of the month when Heliwest Group offers joy flights from 11am. The cost is $80pp with a minimum of two people – they can take three passengers at a time.

If you’d like a longer flight then consider a mid-week luncheon flight which will take you from the Toowoomba Airport around the Lockyer Valley and then stop in at Preston Peak Wines for lunch. The cost for the return flight is $480 for two to three people (food and wine are at menu prices).



Images by Emily Yseult Taylor