2018 sees TACAPS welcome its first cohort of year 12 students and the appointment of its founding Head Boy Thomas Elliott and Head Girl Eden Lingard.

Eden Lingard said, “It is a complete honour to be elected as the founding Head Girl at TACAPS. There are so many wonderful people here and I am humbled by the fact I have been chosen to represent our school, along with Tom and the other prefects.”

Head Boy Thomas Elliott echoed Eden’s sentiments. “It is definitely an honour. Having been a student at TACAPS since 2013, I have had the privilege to watch the development of the school and am so proud to have been chosen as Head Boy for the first time in the School’s 107-year history.”

In addition to their leadership roles at TACAPS, both Eden and Thomas are actively engaged in a range of curricular and extra-curricular activities. “I am currently studying a variety of classes from Maths B to Physical Education and everything in between,” said Eden. “Additionally, I decided to challenge myself by undertaking a passion of mine through Music Extension. Being able to extend my knowledge and focus on topics that I find interesting makes for a great educational program that I recommend for those with a creative mind.”

Thomas is an avid cyclist and was a member of last year’s Darling Downs team that placed third in the Under 19s Queensland State Team Time Trial. “Cycling has been a passion of mine outside of school. I am very grateful that TACAPS is able to recognise a student’s interests not only within the school environment but outside of it as well,” he said. “Riding a bike has taught me valuable lessons such as being able to communicate with a range of people, how to look after a team and learning from the more experienced. All of which can be relayed back into the classroom.”

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