As part of this year’s Big Skies Kylie Bourne is opening her mosaic and glass art studio in Miles for viewing on Wednesday 1 May. Before the showcase, visitors will have the opportunity to indulge in a gourmet garden picnic which includes a delicious array of snacks and a glass of bubbles.

The last time that Bourne opened her property to the public was four years ago. Past visitors will be surprised when they see how much the garden and studio have evolved during that time. “People can sit and relax underneath our 100-year old Jacaranda tree, listen to the soothing sounds of our creek, and enjoy the abundance of local birdlife that we have visiting our garden,” Bourne said. “I’m currently preparing for my TRE360 exhibition that will open in mid-December at Dogwood Crossing, so people will also have the opportunity to have a sneak-peek at the 60 artworks that I have prepared so far.”

Bourne has worked on a variety of glass, tile, mirror and sculptured items since she first dabbled with mosaics nearly 20 years ago. The artist enjoys repurposing items. She says that some of the more unusual objects that she has worked with have been a cattle skull and transforming old beds and table legs into giant dragonflies and butterflies. Community and Cultural Development Councillor Kaye Maguire said that this outing complements the other activities offered during the Council’s Big Skies event running from 27 April to 5 May. “We have such a great variety of activities planned over the 10 days but this picnic is a chance to have a casual and relaxing afternoon in a delightful natural setting,” Kaye said.

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